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Raw material globalization/source

Considering the advantages of world-wide natural species, we not only use Australian local materials but also the materials sourced from world fair trading organizations. Based on the concept of one world one family, we adopt all selective materials into our products. In addition to Australian organic crop which has been used as the basic material of our products, the following certified plants are also used as a part of the basic elements. This would offer various options for our customers all around the world.
1.Soil Association is the biggest organic organization in UK.
2.ECOCERT is a European organic certification organization, founded in France in 1991. It is an international organization including the organizations from Europe, Africa, Asia and America. ECOCERT inspects up to 20,000 manufacturers and 2,000 organic food companies. With ECOCERT’s inspecting and certifying, the quality of the organic products is under control and there is assurance of fair trading on the market.
3.COSMEBIO is founded in France in 2002. It issues both certifications for ECO natural cosmetic and BIO organic products.