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Concept & Principles

Australia is rewarded for the most well nature protected country in the world. A variety of nice climates brings up various species, each of which on this land is well protected by the local government. The government has imposed restraints on land development. Every application for using the land should be monitored to ensure compliance with government’s policy and procedure. Any involved animal underearth or any other speices on the surface of the land should be relocated to appropriate places and no one is allowed to destroy original ecosystem. This country is beautiful, bright and clorful due to its diverse culture which is composed of migrants from 116 different countries, lifestyles and traditions which have passed from generation to generation. I believe that the most beautiful things in this country are the sunshine, beaches, farms and our love to the nature. We sincerely wish people from all over world would come to share our natural products. Aus Life makes people feel more close to Aussie life, no distance but concerns.

Aus Life, which is rooted in Australia, are always happy to bring Australia’s beautiful color, rich fragrance and diverse culture to people around the world. We are committed ourselves to sustainable development. Our mission is Natural/ healthy/ safe / effective.


Visual Package︰

Australia has countless famous designers and their works in the world. Sydney Opera House is one of the most famous works. We have top class level designs which can make people experience real Australian art of color. We add the diversity of Aussie’s culture into our design, which has gained more favorable comments at home and abroad. We are purposing an outstanding AUS LIFE culture core.


moderate and Purest︰

Australia, the most impressive country in the world, has its unique natural resources. The pureness can be felt as soon as you step onto this land. Its air, city appearance and animals all could reflect our love to the nature. Good products come up with good environment, which is our natural action to every thing.


healthy, safe and effective︰

Millions of thousands of plants in Australia provide us a variety of natural ingredients for our products. We complement our formulas with the finest, most potent and organics ingredients from this land. They are not only eco friendly but also safe for our customer to use daily.